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dumpster_glam's Journal

27 August 1983
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~+*+ I am the safety-pinned and duct tape hearted, i am the weary eyed---- I am the hopeful grrrl with some kick in her stride, trying to stand tall not run and hide .

I'm always looking for new and similar minded + open-minded pen pals to share letters, mixed tapes, stickers and pkgs with. Pen pals who will send me goofy pictures and tell me their dreams.
My email address is: dumpster.glam@gmail.com EMAiL me for my mailing addy if you wanna be penn pals.

My name is Ashley (you can call me that or Ash or Crash or Smash or any of those with a "ley" added to it), I live in a house with my boyfriend and my swee

Anyway, I'm actually fairly agreeable + friendly so don't let my attitude and mouthiness scare you away.

I <3 safety-pins and dream scapes
duct taped or glue-sticked together
with your photocopied heart.

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