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This morning finds me sitting quite comfortably on my recliner sipping coffee and taking in the gloriousity (is that a word?! Oh well!) of the latest binaural beat I've come across. I've just recently been exploring these. For those not in the know, binaural beats are the products of two sounds in harmony. They produce sounds heard only by the brain. These unique audio sensations are the result of harmonic resonance between brain wave. They are produced when when two tones of slightly different frequencies are played separately in each ear.

It has been shown by neuoscientiists and psychological researchers that binaural beats can alter the dominant brainwave frequency of the mind Though modifying your brainwave frequencies, binaual beats can enable you into EEG measured bain wave frequencies refereed to as alpha, theta, or delta state.

Each of these brainwave patterns has been associated with different states of consciousness, for example; generally the alpha state is associated with relaxation and calmness, and delta is associated with healing deep sleep.

The ability of binaural beats to change consciousness has been associated with Stress reduction, Sleepiness, Altered states of Consciousness, Feeling of oceanic awareness or a detached observer are among those reported by those entering into these brain rhythms. Other reports include more vibrant health, increased memory functioning, more focused thought patterns. And additionally come have said to feel Increased energy flow, enhanced creativity, heightened levels of intuitive knowledge and many positive, beneficial changes.

Sam and I have been listening to various binaural beats/tones for the last few days, in the mornings/early afternoon before I head off to work and we've both felt something and thought these tones + beats were neat.
Mainly I've just looked them up on YouTube.

This one is a really good one that is for chronic pain relief:


There are also things called Isochronic tones which are similar in that they also deal in brain entrainment. I'm still quite new to these concepts so I'm not trying to "teach" anyone about them, but I am researching and finding it all very fascinating ;)

I like to keep an open-mind about anything that I can use as a tool to better myself + feel better within myself and my current life. I am realizing that my past negativity and cynicism really did nothing for me and although I needed to go through it for one reason or another at the time, I have no use for it now. Why cling to shittiness?!
On that note, today marks my 3rd week as a non-smoker. Damn i feel great! Good-bye poison! Ciao smoker's cough! Au Revoir butt-rolling-smoke-bum-ing-yucky-tasting-paying-through-the-nose-to-constantly-feel shitty and anxious!! :D


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