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Looking for a place to happen

Here I sit on the front deck of my almost in-laws house. I am waiting for my Mom to call back, waiting for my Sammy to come back from firefighting in Alberta, waiting for this baby inside me to make its grand appearance.... Of course only the first thing will come today. My Mom called while I was out for a mid morning stroll.
For the most part it's alright staying here but occasionally I start to feel suffocated. I am, afterall, an almost 32 yr old living at someone's parents' place! I know they want to help out with the baby when he arrives and that's great, I just wish I could be in my own zone and not in their basement. I feel like a teenager again except I'm essentially nine months pregnant. This is highlighted by the fact that Sam isn't even here. I'm really happy he's off working to provide for us, it's just odd feeling at times I'm here with his parents, without him.
I guess I should be jusf grateful I'm not out on the streets or something....
I'm bored, lonely, and feel imprisoned by my body. Maybe I should just take a nap! Lol.


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Jul. 12th, 2015 10:26 pm (UTC)
Can't wait for the grand news honey, not long now and you will remember what it feels like to not be pregnant. I think of you every day, it's amazing to see an update from you. Hopefully more will come if you're a bit lost for things to do! I suggest sleep and read while you can! It will help to chat here with the loneliness. I'm sorry you feel alone, you're not, I adore you! Everyone with a tiny baby gets a lot of books read while feeding, and then they start crawling and the next thing you know you have only read one in 6 months.
Lots of love honey, hugs xxxx
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